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As with previous ANSAV features, ANSAV version 2 still maintain this unique feature (plugin). But there are some new, ANSAV currently only able to load automatically plugins that have been certified, a plugin that does not yet have certification or not will be loaded automatically, although that has not been certified so plugins can be inserted by force into the "trust list". This feature added for security.

If the previous ANSAV, centrally-guard, now guard is modular, what it is centralized and what is it modular? Called when scanning centered on each process (instance) is done by one engine, so any object that was scanned had to queue for a turn scan, this causes another process stops when there are objects that have not been scanned or still waiting for their turn to scan. In contrast to the modular, each process (instance) can do the scanning independently without the need to wait on another process is finished scanning are scanned, for example, you run Firefox and IE, at the same time you download a file from the Internet using both the browser, then the engine can perform scanning ANSAV on firefox and IE also simultaneously. This makes ANSAV Guard more stable and responsive in blocking the virus.

With this new engine, ANSAV has the capability of detection is more accurate than with previous versions, there are many changes, especially in its architecture heuristic.

Download ANSAV 2011

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