Increasing Cyber Attacks of 2012, Symantec Forecast

Symantec predicts the rapid flow of information through a variety of mobile devices in 2012 will be the object of vulnerable targets of cyber attacks, including the misuse of data and information via malware. Symantec saw some of them would attack trends targeting the business information and make a mess with malware, said Raymond Goh, Director of Systems Enginering Symantec South Asia, in his press statement.

Threatened industrial data theft and malware abuse the information to create chaos. The same conditions also threaten mobile devices is rapidly increasing its development, and attacks can also come from the wireless system. Symantec also revealed the presence of threats that increasingly sophisticated continuous targeting organizations related to industrial control.

When the use of mobile devices has increased rapidly, the risk arising mainly mobile malware and data loss are also experiencing unexpected growth.

The spread of cyber crime from the criminal underground to the mainstream of business is marked by the emergence of a wave of attacks with specific targets.

Hacker high-level certificate provider secure socket layer (SSL) and the threat of malware that utilizes SSL certificates to be an issue in 2011, triggering an SSL certificate authorities (CAS) and web site owners to take more stringent security measures to protect them and the consumer .

Title Post: Increasing Cyber Attacks of 2012, Symantec Forecast
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