What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Kaspersky Anti-Virus

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If you have used many anti-viruses software, you will know the advantage and disadvantage of the software. For instance Kaspersky Anti Virus version 5.0 takes several minutes for loading database. This will take time if you are in hurry situation, but the software will scan critical object very details. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes for scanning disk with 256 MB DRR.

Besides disadvantage of Kaspersky 5.0, this software has many advantages. You will get update every 3 hours. Can you imagine that your data is automatically updates every 3 hours to detect viruses? It is user friendly and able to detect hidden threat, tracking macros, changes in system registry and analyze installed program. You will hear funny sound if there is a virus. Your computer will be protected from network attacking. There is exclusion database which is able to install to engine. This will kill virus which can’t be removed with usual antivirus.

Lucky that Kaspersky 6.0 has developed to update automatically. You can adjust time scanning, so you don’t need to wait long time in front of computer. There is system restore to set default program which has been changed by malicious program. You will not regret to use this antivirus.

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