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Ansav is one of the best antivirus made ​​in Indonesia children. The local virus scanning its pretty reliable. An antivirus is the best way to protect your computer from virus attacks, at least the presence of antivirus can make us a little relief. Nevertheless the presence of antivirus sometimes not very influential because some viruses can often penetrate the antivirus defenses that we have used. There are many options that can be used antivirus now of starting a local antivirus like smadav, PCMAV or international such as symantec antivirus, kaspersky, ESET but it is also kind of a paid antivirus or antivirus that can be obtained free of charge. One of the local anti-virus you can get for free is ANSAV.

Ansav is one of the local antivirus made ​​the nation a reliable performance. Ansav has several features that become surplus as be able to quickly scan and auto scan feature, so for those of you who frequently use external devices such as flash drives or external hard disk do not bother to scan the device, because Ansav will scan automatically when you connect the device.

In addition Ansav also have a virus database is quite a lot and continue to be updated periodically, especially local viruses that normally can not be detected by antivirus internationally. So if you only have international antivirus and is a paid antivirus you should also use local antivirus like Ansav to protect your computer from a local virus.

Ansav has a simple display interface with multiple tools such as panel scan, clean, delete so that it can allow you to organize the files you want to scan the virus. Ansav also has a quarantine feature that these files are not infected directly didelete but put into quarantine folder first, since often a file that is not a virus can be detected as a suspected virus file. With the quarantine folder you can select which files are not viruses and restore it to its original place.

Download Ansav 2012

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